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Pierre, a municipal assistant like no other

05 November 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre started working with Pierre, a rather special employee... Indeed, it is the first chatbot belonging to a Brussels municipal administration!

This digital assistant is directly accessible from the home page of the municipality's website and provides information to citizens 24/7 on a number of municipal services. Visitors can easily get in touch with Pierre via a dialogue window.

Pierre currently offers the following services:
  • renewing your parking card
  • enrolling your child in one of the municipality's French-speaking nurseries
  • consulting the opening hours of municipal services
However, the goal is to expand this service, as Benoît Cerexhe, Mayor of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre explains, "Our chatbot is part of a broader vision for the municipality, a global transformation plan that will position Woluwe-Saint-Pierre as a true ambassador for the participatory use of new technologies and thus enable citizens to enjoy artificial intelligence solutions."

In the medium term, this system is expected to provide personalised answers to other frequently asked questions and/or administrative procedures.

This is an initiative that is both smart and inclusive, and particularly useful during this new lockdown, since it improves the efficiency of the service provided to citizens, facilitates the work of municipal officials and reduces unnecessary travel.
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