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Brussels on its bike: "Head over heels on two wheels!"

06 November 2020

Increasing numbers of Brussels residents are conscientiously choosing to travel by bike and so the City of Brussels has launched the hashtag campaigns #KeepCycling as a means of encouraging everyone to continue using their bikes, even during the autumn and winter months, or to encourage them to get started.

Are you an experienced cyclist or just starting out? Whatever type of cyclist you are, Brussels mobility has brought together all the information you need on a handy website, which was created in collaboration with partner organisations and cyclists. On the website, you can read about other cyclists' experiences, find tips about starting out as a cyclist, addresses of cycle repairers, details of cycle routes, cycle shops, cycle parking facilities …

The more people choose to travel by bike, the more enjoyable it will become – fewer cars not only means fewer tailbacks, but leaves more room on the roads for cyclists, which makes cycling safer!

The cycling infrastructure in Brussels has undergone some improvements. Right now, it's not yet perfect, but a total of 40 km of cycle paths are being renovated. And while it's true that leaving room for other modes of transport will still be necessary, if we choose to cycle a bit more often, we will make Brussels a better city, alive & pedalling!

Whether you use your bike to travel between home and work or simply for a pleasant trip out with your family, the route planner will always show you the way!

Already feeling the urge to get back on the saddle? If so, go to and plan your journey, jump on your bike and make Brussels a true cycling city!

You'll be head over heels on two wheels! #KeepCycling is a campaign initiated by Brussels mobility

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