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​Wander back in time with the “Watermael-Boitsfort 14-18” app

01 December 2020

Walking is the perfect way to relax. Looking for a little extra something? Here it is! The local history centre Espace Mémoire and Mémoire Vive from the non-profit organisation Vivre Chez Soi have come up with an original 'talking walk' that can be downloaded on your smartphone. Enter “Watermael-Boitsfort 14-18” in Google Play or in the Apple Store.

The walk has 14 stops and goes from the city hall to the allotments, passing Chaussée de la Hulpe, the cemetery, Avenue Delleur, the local school, and so on.

Along the way you will see pictures from long ago, and hear sounds and stories of e.g. the machine gun at the watch tower, the testimony of Miss Gifford, as the director of the boarding school at Charle Albert castle, details of the heroic deeds of the resistance fighter Oscar Hernaalsteens or from airman Willy Coppens ... You will also meet doctor Antoine Depage, Zéphir Gobert and mayor Henri Delleur.

Keen to experience the sounds and scenes of 14-18? Download the app and enjoy the walk.
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