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​Easier access to digital technology

02 December 2020

Digitalisation is something that our society could no longer manage without. When following a course, consulting our file as a job seeker, applying for a job or an internship, or applying for administrative documents on line, we are using digital tools more and more often. But we shouldn't automatically assume that everyone has access to those tools. Bruxelles Formation, however, wants to do something about this.

The brochure of Bruxelles Formation, entitled “L’informatique, un outil pour se former et trouver de l’emploi!*” (Information technology – a tool you can use to access training and find work), is packed full of advice and handy tips to help you along.
Amongst other things, it provides answers to the following questions:
  • Where can I use computer equipment for free and receive support?
  • Does Bruxelles Formation have a computer room?
  • What can the Cité des Métiers in Brussels do to help me?
  • What are the details regarding the free Wi-Fi network (wifi.Brussels) provided by the Brussels Capital Region?
  • Am I entitled to a social tariff for my telephone and internet?
  • Can I buy a computer at a reduced price?
  • Where can I have my computer repaired?
Happy reading!
*Link to brochure - the brochure is only available in French

"As a member of the Digital Inclusion Steering Group under the leadership of the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), Bruxelles-Formation is a stakeholder in the regional policy of digital appropriation."
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