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New data sets on Brussels' datastore: towards a better digital transition!

21 December 2020

The staff of Brussels schools and universities have had to demonstrate a great degree of flexibility since the start of the health crisis, with teachers soon obliged to make the transition towards digital or hybrid education. To support them in this transition, the Digital Inclusion Coordination for the Brussels-Capital Region has created a register of digital resources for teachers and their managers. This register contains several listings, each dedicated to a specific theme.

To allow schools to see the range of choices available to them in terms of educational digital platforms, the "Toolkit for schools" list includes those best suited to the Belgian school system (Smart School, Google Education, Wisa, etc.).

In the "Toolkit for teachers", you will find various tools that facilitate and improve online classes and their preparation for teaching staff.

The aim of the "Formations for teachers" list is to guide teachers towards operators in Wallonia, Brussels and online offering training that gives them the technical skills they need to use the digital tools or use these tools for educational purposes.

To support these listings, we offer the "Refurbish IT" list, which contains the various organisations that offer or sell (at a low price) refurbished computers to students, senior citizens and persons in vulnerable situations.

Lastly, you can consult the "Registry IT camps for children" for children and teenagers in the BCR. These traineeships allow young people to become familiar with digital technology (coding, robotics, artificial intelligence or just an introduction to IT).

The various lists are now available on, the open access data platform of the BCR. Please contact the Digital Inclusion Coordinators ( if you have any comments or any information to add to one or more lists.
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