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Smart City Institute helps you realize your Smart City projects

23 December 2020

The Smart City Institute is an academic organisation that originated out of a collaboration between the University of Liège and HEC Liège. Its mission is to support research, training, innovation and entrepreneurship within Wallonia's smart cities. As part of this mission, the Smart City Institute published its Smart Project Management Model this month. With this document, the Institute wants to help municipalities with developing their projects as part of the Smart Region project.

The model - which was developed by Julio Diandenda, Catherine Nguyen and Dr Nathalie Crutzen - provides all the necessary information about the different steps for setting up a project. In this way, the SCI wants to work towards a smoother and more structured development of innovative projects in its area. 

The model uses 4 consecutive steps. The first step covers the conditions that have to be met beforehand. This includes developing a strategic vision for the municipality or determining who shall be the project leader. Once these conditions are met, we can move onto the strategic planning, followed by the actual plan development. Finally, there is an evaluation and the reporting of results. For each of the different steps, the model provides a series of questions and a checklist acting as a guide for the organisation.

Anyone who wishes to get involved in the Smart City project can use the model. The model consists of two documents: the actual model and a note in which each step is explained in detail. These documents can be consulted for free on the Smart City Institute website.
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