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​The relationship between start-ups and public service dissected!

13 January 2021

At the request of the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), the company Public is currently conducting research on the maturity and prospects of GovTech in the Brussels-Capital Region.

In this context, the BRIC and the enterprise Public, whose mission is precisely to support start-ups wanting to work with the public sector, are analysing the ecosystem of Brussels start-ups. In practical terms, how can start-ups be active in the public sector and bring value to it?

Two separate surveys are being conducted: one focuses on the perspective of Brussels start-ups, the other on the vision of the Region's civil servants and public representatives regarding the links, whether or not they exist, with start-ups.

For start-ups:
For civil servants/representatives of the Brussels Region:

The responses from both sides are crucial and will provide a nuanced view of how the government can help Brussels start-ups to thrive.

Are you part of a Brussels start-up or a civil servant in the Region? Make your voice heard without delay!
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