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The Brussels-Capital Region is launching an innovative project to monitor the flow of pedestrians

26 January 2021

The Muntstroom project has been initiated by the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB-MIVB), the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), Brussels Mobility and The purpose of this project is to monitor the flow of pedestrians around and underneath the square known as the Muntplein (Place de la Monnaie), which forms the reason why the project is named Muntstroom, the word 'stroom' being a reference to the flow of people.

The Place de la Monnaie/Muntplein is the perfect ecosystem in which to carry out a people flow analysis, as it is home to car parks, tram and bus stops, metro trains and buses, cycle parks, a library (Muntpunt), shopping centres, shopping streets, a large number of offices, restaurants and catering establishments, hotels and the Opera. It is a busy, complex location that is traversed by more than 200,000 people each day.

The intention is that all pedestrian flows, both indoors and outdoors, will be charted in minute detail. Investigations have shown that no off-the-shelf solution is available to fulfil that need, which is why Muntstroom intends to collaborate with other parties in order to develop and test a bespoke, automated monitoring system.

The data obtained will make it possible to devise innovative applications that will make the Brussels-Capital Region more attractive to pedestrians.

This monitoring will be carried out with the assistance of various companies based in Brussels, Belgium or Europe, by means of an innovative public procurement procedure. The applications and new services will be tested by means of a Living Lab.

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Presentation video Muntstroom for the public at large
Presentation video Muntstroom for businesses that wish to take part in the public procurement procedure
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