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Which mobile apps do you use in Brussels?

02 March 2021

Via our website, we regularly ask our visitors questions on a particular topic. Our latest survey was all about Brussels mobile apps. We ran a poll to gauge the awareness and use of five different apps – Brulingua,, the STIB app, and Fix My Street. Here are just some of our findings.

The app that is used the most is the one offered by STIB. More than half of respondents said that they use the STIB app regularly to plan their journeys. By means of its app, STIB makes it possible to calculate personalised routes, check levels of congestion on individual services and obtain up-to-date information on waiting times, not only in relation to STIB services, but also for services provided by the other transport companies that are active in Brussels. The app is also well known – nearly 75% of respondents said that they had at least heard of it. With this app, route descriptions, opening hours, rates and available spaces in Brussels car parks are at your fingertips.

Both the Brulingua app and seem to be less known and are therefore used less often by those who filled in the survey. The Brulingua app is provided by Actiris and enables Brussels residents to improve their level of English, Dutch, French or German. You can consult your tax file anywhere using the Brussels Fiscality's MyTax app.

Finally, Fix My Street, which was developed at the BRIC, came out well in the survey. More than three quarters of those who took part in the survey said that they knew the app or had used it at least once. Of those, 20% are regular users. Using Fix My Street, residents of Brussels can report incidents in public spaces and monitor the repairs. Have you seen a defective sign, or come across abandoned items on the pavement? These are just a few examples of the types of problems that can be reported by means of this app.

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