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All the answers to your AI questions during the Belgian AI Week!

02 March 2021

How to deploy artificial intelligence in our society in an ethical and responsible manner? What do these new technologies concretely enable in everyday life for health or mobility?
What role should government play in the development of artificial intelligence?
How are startups and scale-ups related to artificial intelligence evolving in our country?
What about our researchers?
These are some of the issues that will be addressed during the Belgian AI Week, from Monday 15 March to Friday 19 March 2021. During this week, organised by the vibrant AI ecosystem in Belgium, with the full support of the regions and the federal level, every citizen, expert or not, will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating perspectives of artificial intelligence in our country. The programme includes presentations by international personalities, thematic and  participatory workshops, announcements of new books and the publication of the results of several studies, citizen debates and a plenary sessions on the occasion of AI4Belgium's second anniversary. The week will end on Friday with the European Day of IA.

Raising awareness among Belgians about AI as a social issue

What is the impact of artificial intelligence on employment? How will education change? And how can we ensure that AI applications are reliable? So many questions that Belgian citizens are asking themselves; about which they will be able to discuss with experts. The objective is also to encourage exchanges and proposals on the role of artificial intelligence in our society, which is why citizen debates will be organised by a multitude of actors spread over the different cities in Belgium. During these debates, the participants will have the opportunity to propose concrete actions or projects within the framework of the national action plan on AI.

Promoting cooperation and breaking silos

By bringing together the Belgian ecosystem, public and private sector actors, academia and civil society, the AI week aims to strengthen collaboration between the different stakeholders from the north to the south of the country. Flanders has put in place an ambitious strategy and plan, Wallonia has embarked on a massive investment in its Digital  programme,  in  Brussels  many initiatives are emerging. Strength lies in numbers.

Positioning Belgium as a leading player

Unpublished reports will be presented during the week, notably on the adoption of AI in companies and hospitals. A map of Belgian startups and scaleups specialising in artificial intelligence will also be unveiled. The scope of our debates and demonstrations will go far beyond the borders! Other European countries have already expressed their interest and will participate in the European AI Day initiated by AI4Belgium. What is Belgium's role within Europe in promoting trustworthy AI? With the presence of the European Commission, the AI4EU platform, and the representatives of numerous national and international AI hubs and networks, the EUROPEAN AI DAY initiated by Belgium and its regions, will be a unique showcase for our ecosystem, generating both positive internal energy and opportunities for export or foreign investment attractiveness.

Panel of international experts and recognized leaders

International experts (mostly Belgian!) will present the latest trends in artificial intelligence. During thematic workshops, they will share with the participants surprising and concrete applications related to AI. Pattie Maes from MIT, Laurence Devillers from CNRS, Frank Dellaert from Georgia Tech, Gregory Renard from NASA, Mieke De Ketelaere & Sabine Demey from IMEC, Luc Van Gool from ETH ZURICH and KU Leuven, Amin Mantrach from Amazon, Jean Ponce from the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Paris, François Taddéi from the Interdisciplinary research center in Paris, Lucilla Sioli from the European Commission and … Anouk Wipprecht will be present.
The panel of speakers also includes Saskia Van Uffelen, Cécile  Huet, Nathalie  Smuha, Benoit Macq, Thierry Dutoit, Thierry Geerts, Hugues Bersini, Ares Lagae, Ruben Verborgh, Frédéric Pivetta, Gregory Lewkowicz, Mireille Hildebrandt, Catherine Regis, Pascal Coppens, Laurent Ledoux, Jeroen Franssen, Dominique Demonté, Giovanni Briganti, Ann Nowé, Christine Copers, Herman Derache, Axel Nackaert, Rob Heyman, Carl Morch, Yves Poullet, Laurent Hublet, Peter Spyns, Céline Thillou, Nathanael Ackerman and many many others.
With the presence and keynotes of several Ministers and Secretary of States from both federal and regional government.

Terms and conditions of participation

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