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Record for IRISbox in 2020: 327,000 requests on the online platform

02 March 2021

2020 was an exceptional year for IRISbox, the Brussels Region's electronic counter. This record use is primarily due to the new options offered by the platform, as well as to the coronavirus pandemic, which accelerated the use of online procedures.
IRISbox is the online platform of the Brussels Region, offering regional and local services 24/7. The number of users and requests exploded in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis.
"The pandemic has acted as a trend accelerator. The most powerful of all is digitisation. Once the services available on IRISbox increased, Brussels residents realised that it is often simpler and faster to carry out their administrative procedures online rather than going to the administrations in person. The result: 78,000 new users have joined IRISbox and together they have made 327,000 requests," says Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Simplification.
The majority of users are... female by the way, all of this and more in the presse release.

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