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How to invest in digital transformation

24 March 2021

Digital technology has not been the exclusive preserve of the IT sector for several years now; it has completely invaded every Belgian company, with the spread of remote working, remote communication tools, etc.

Digital transformation has emerged as a quick and ideal response to the current economic and health crisis. What seemed complicated to set up has become indispensable. And what was once considered anecdotal has become strategic.

While some things can be put in place "quickly", digital transformation is still a long-term investment that combines technical requirements, operational management and employee support.
As a real economic and social issue within companies, it is imperative that businesses understand its impact and challenges, the best practices and the pitfalls to avoid.
Would you like guidance in your own digital transformation? Four experts will answer your questions between 9 and 10 am on 31 March, during a webinar organised by Jeroen Franssen - Senior Expert Talent (Labour Market & Organisation - Agoria), Jessica Lion (Managing Director - Flora), Jean-Baptiste De Bock (Managing Director - Ofcores Events) and Julien Blaise - Managing Director - asUgo Consulting.

To take part, visit: Webinar: Digital transformation | asbl (

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