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Cap-SMART took a look at the impact of ‘smart’ technologies on tourist attractions in Brussels

22 April 2021

Cap-SMART, a research project conducted by the ULB, studied the effects of smart technologies on museums and tourist attractions in Brussels. This included a study of the impact on employment.

The tourist industry is making ever-increasing use of smart technologies, for example, in automating processes, improving customer relations, offering original products and services …

Cap-SMART conducted an investigation, both at micro level (organisation and the employee) and at macro level (sector), into the impact of technology on existing structures and regulation methods. Use was made of quantitative surveys and semi-structured interviews (video conferences). Researchers looked into aspects such as the most popular technologies, which technologies will be used in the three years ahead and which factors play a role in the application of technology.

The project was carried out in collaboration with and aims to provide concrete solutions to cope with digital transformation, now and in the future.
Keen to discover the learnings and conclusions? You can read the complete report "Musées et attractions à Bruxelles - Adoption technologique, transformations et enjeux sectoriels de la digitalisation" here.
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