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The Brussels Region helps Brussels residents to register on BRUVAX

28 May 2021

Local actions will take place until 24 June in the Brussels municipalities with the lowest vaccination rates to help residents with a digital divide to register for BRUVAX! The Brussels Region therefore wants to guarantee equal access to the vaccine.

A few weeks ago, the Region launched BRUVAX, a registration platform for vaccinations based on national register number and post code. Given the platform's success, we sometimes tend to forget that some people may find making an appointment online daunting.

A multifaceted divide

"This new digital platform can create difficulties for many segments of the population: age, level of education, ethnic origin and disability are all factors that contribute to the digital divide. In addition to these variables, there are inequalities linked to access to IT tools and an internet connection or linked to knowledge of the tool," said Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister for Digital Transition. "We cannot ask the people of Brussels to register for a vaccine on BRUVAX without setting up a structure able to offer step-by-step support. Unfortunately, not everyone can count on a loved one to help them. Our role is also to support these people," insists the Brussels Minister.

Six Brussels municipalities involved

These actions will take place in the municipalities with the lowest vaccination rates. They are Saint-Josse, Saint-Gilles, the City of Brussels, Schaerbeek, Molenbeek and Koekelberg, where the vaccination rates for the over-18s are 23%, 28%, 28%, 29%, 29% and 31% respectively.

The people of Brussels in good hands

The multimedia leaders enlisted for the occasion, thanks to Digital Inclusion Coordination, have the advantage of knowing the field well. They are understanding educators and will help those Brussels residents with the lowest digital literacy by providing immediate assistance if the person is old enough to be vaccinated and/or put on the waiting list. Brussels residents will also be able to receive information on DPSs near their homes. 

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