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Discover CurieuzenAir BXL, the largest citizen research study on air quality in Brussels!

01 June 2021

When we cycle through the city, walk down the street or play sports outdoors in Brussels, we breathe in several litres of air every minute. But is this air good for our health? That is what CurieuzenAir aims to measure with the largest and most detailed citizen research study ever carried out on air quality in Brussels, which aims to serve as an example for other European cities in the future.

CurieuzenAir is a scientific initiative of the University of Antwerp and the urban movement BRAL, launched in close cooperation with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation and Brussels Environment. The aim of the project is to draw a very detailed map of air quality in Brussels by measuring the level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at 3,000 different locations in the capital over a four-week period from 25 September to 23 October. All this will be done with the help of citizens, individuals, associations, schools and businesses. Participants will receive a measuring device to affix to their window, which they will then return once the four weeks are up.

At the end of the campaign, the data collected will be analysed by experts and will enable a better assessment of the effects of NO2 on health in order to inform Brussels residents and policy-makers. CurieuzenAir is above all a project by and for citizens.

Do you want to measure the air quality of your street in Brussels? Join the 3,000 Curieuzenairs by registering at:
More information on the Brussels Clean Air Partnership initiative:
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