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The Digital Inclusion Coordination within the BRIC, partner of the Techspace Tour!

21 October 2021

Banking transactions, administration, health, employment, mobility or education: many procedures are now performed electronically, and even more so since the health crisis. However, many people need support in this "digital everyday life".

In order to eliminate these inequalities, an initiative was launched in the Brussels-Capital Region: the Techspace Summer Tour. This mobile campaign, which is the result of the work of professionals active in the field of new technologies and socio-professional insertion, aims to raise awareness and educate citizens about digital technologies in order to combat urban digital inequalities. The Digital Inclusion Coordination of the BRIC, as well as the STIB-MIVB, BECODE, ITSME and LAMBERMONT 140 actively support the initiative.

Note that on 23 and 24 October, as part of the Digital Week, the activity, that will take place in Molenbeek (Place Communale and Comte de Flandres), is fully supported by the Digital Inclusion Coordination.
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