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Homo Numericus conference series: seven Franco-Belgian conferences to discover very soon!

28 October 2021

From 8 to 30 November 2021, the French Embassy in Belgium, the FPS BOSA, AI4Belgium and their partners will hold a series of conferences called "Homo Numericus" and intended to strengthen bilateral exchanges on digitalisation.

No fewer than seven exciting and fully accessible debates will take place from 8 to 30 November!   The programme will examine the way in which digital technology is influencing our contemporary societies and transforming our relationship to education, work, politics and culture.

It will also include new media, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and the creative industries, advances in e-health, food traceability, citizen participation and the use of digital tools for the common good, e-gaming and e-sports.

What about our individual autonomy and European sovereignty in the face of US or Chinese players? What technical and non-technical skills are needed to evolve in the 21st century? What place do women have in the digital world?
A number of discussions between Belgian and French experts and political personalities will take place, at a level accessible to all and where everyone can also ask questions!
Homo Numericus is organised under the patronage of Secretaries of State Mathieu Michel and Cedric O.
Find the programme for the conferences and the list of speakers, and register on the website:
You can, of course, register for each conference individually.
  • 8 November 2021 at 4pm at See U (Brussels): 
    « L’ère immersive : nouveaux médias, nouvelles narrativités, nouveaux imaginaires »
  • 16 November at 7 pm at the ULB (Brussels):
    « Compétences du XXIème siècle : révolutionner la formation à l’heure du numérique »
  • 18 November at 3 pm at BeCentral (Brussels):
    « Championnes digitales ! Donner leur place aux femmes dans le numérique »
  • 19 November at 11 am at the University of Mons:
    « Jeu vidéo, e-gaming, e-sport : prochains enjeux et logiques économiques »
  • 23 November at 9.30 am at the University of Liège:
« De la fourche à la fourchette : agro-alimentaire et traçabilité numérique »
  • 25 November at 6 pm at the VUB (Brussels):
    « La data governance, un nouvel allié dans la lutte contre les épidémies ? »
  • 30 November at the Résidence de France (Brussels):
    « Souveraineté et autonomie : mettre en œuvre une politique du numérique »
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