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Redraw the Brussels streets and districts! Let your imagination run wild and take part in the Solarpunk NFT contest

16 February 2022 / (funding, NFT), Citizen Spring / (exhibition) and Heroes for Zero / (website, communication), the organizers of this contest, call on artists to present their vision of the city of tomorrow.

The power of imagination and Solarpunk

We find it really difficult just to imagine a city without cars, an economy without waste, a life without plastic. In his latest book 'What If', Rob Hopkins calls this the crisis of the imagination.

Which is why the imagination of artists is so important.

To clarify what this contest is about, the organizers refer to the Solarpunk movementAccording to Wikipedia this is “a movement that encourages optimistic visions of the future against the backdrop of the current environmental problems, such as climate change and pollution, and social inequality. Solarpunk focuses on renewable energy sources and all of the technology involved, such as solar and wind power. But the movement also pays attention to low-tech and other activities that also benefit the environment, such as gardening or the use of non-motorised vehicles.”

With these ideas in mind, the organizers call on artists to create sketches, drawings, videos, animations ... of the streets/districts of a future-proof Brussels.

But there is more! The intention is to create NFT works of art out of all the participating works of art.

What is an NFT work of art?

NFT is the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Token. A unique token is created for each work of art which is accepted as a digital certificate of the work's authenticity.  As such, the work of art also has economic value. After all, a token can also be used as a crypto coin. Artists can therefore sell their works on the internet in the open NFT market.

All citizens can buy these works (and also sell them). As a citizen, you can also join the Brussels Crypto Citizens association ( This association will purchase the winning works.

More information?

Go to and 


The deadline for registration is 27 February 2022.
The jury will announce the winning works of art on 16 April 2022. From Sunday 20 March, the works can be admired in an exhibition at the Citizen Corner.
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