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Roadmap for the creation of a DPS in the Brussels-Capital Region

09 June 2022

A roadmap to support any structure wanting to set up a Digital Public Space has been produced by the BRIC in collaboration with CABAN (Collective of Brussels Actors for Digital Accessibility). This roadmap is one of the actions of the 2021-2024 Digital Appropriation Plan (DAP).


A Digital Public Space (DPS) is a public access space that makes digital technology available to the whole population. The DPS is a front-line actor in the fight against digital inequalities and the most effective tool for integrating people who are removed from the digital world.


Roadmap for the creation of a DPS


Before opening a DPS or determining its location, it is important to carry out a study of the territory, in order to diagnose the problems, strengths, weaknesses, public expectations and the economic and social challenges in the district, but also to become aware of the voluntary sector.


The study of the territory helps define the project by considering the following questions:


1. The space: what will be the status of the DPS? Where exactly will it be located? How will the premises be laid out?


2. Opening hours: what will the opening hours be?


3. Budget and funding: what budget is needed to set up the DPS and to keep it running year after year? What funding can be mobilised?


4. Support, training and other DPS activities: what are the needs of the public? What training should be given? Will visitors have to pay to attend training courses? Which?


5. Hardware and software: what software will visitors need?


6. Personnel: what are the duties of the DPS coordinator? How many multimedia facilitators are needed? How can they be recruited?


7. ROI and GDPR: what rules will DPS users and staff have to respect?


8. Communication: how can DPSs communicate both to their target public and to the voluntary sector that is already present in the district?


If you would like more information about opening a DPS, here is the complete roadmap.


The label for DPSs recognised by the Brussels-Capital Region.


Since 2019, Brussels has had a label for DPSs recognised by the Brussels Region, guaranteeing their quality. This label is accessible under certain conditions and is granted for an indefinite period, as long as the DPS respects the eligibility criteria and the Charter of Certified DPSs


A request for certification should be sent by mail to the Digital Inclusion Coordination, BRIC - Avenue des Arts 21 - 1000 Brussels, or by email to Requests are submitted as a form to be filled out:
  • Download the DPS certification procedure here
  • Download the certification application form to be downloaded here

Please contact the Digital Inclusion Coordination if you have any questions.


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