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Fidus manages the data of smart administration.

20 November 2015

With the intention of reducing unnecessary administrative procedures, the public services of the smart city exchange data without asking us. The Fidus platform, one of the cornerstones of, takes care of this exchange for the Brussels-Capital Region.

Do you loathe endless paperwork and filling out forms? The smart city understands completely. To relieve all kinds of cumbersome procedures for its citizens and businesses as much as possible, the Brussels-Capital Region now has Fidus, an IT platform that organises the exchange of data between administrations.

Fidus works for you

Applying for an allowance or a permit can sometimes be a bit of an ordeal: you have to send administration X data that is held by administration Y, or even administration Z, if things are really complicated. Fidus now does that for you, opening the doors to smart administration. Fidus is the crossroads for everything to do with the Brussels Region, with data being exchanged between the various administrations at federal level and the level of the regions and communities. These authorities have approved the principle that from now on they will not ask citizens or business for information if it is available from one of the administrations (e.g. your national registration number or your place of residence).

Operational since November

Fidus went operational at the beginning of November 2015. By the end of the year, Fidus will make the following data available among administrations:

  • natural persons and their family composition, taken from three registers (population register, immigration register and waiting register);
  • handicap (FPS Social Security);
  • businesses (Crossroads Bank for Enterprises);
  • architects (Belgian Architects’ Association);
  • vehicles (Vehicle Registration Service);
  • assets (FPS Finances).

The Fidus platform will also support exchanges between suppliers and regional public services in the context of electronic billing.

Protection of data and privacy

It cannot be the intention to exchange any data in any way whatsoever. The protection of our personal information and our privacy ensures that. Fidus can therefore only grant access to the data of certain organisations as specified by the Commission for the Protection of Privacy or by the Supervisory Committee established within the Brussels Regional Parliament.

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