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Don't miss the Digitrain! With the support of the BRIC!

07 September 2022

The digital world never sleeps. More to the point, we are on a digital express train. Some people can keep up well, while others will find it harder.
The Digitrain was developed to meet the demand for digital support.
The Digitrain is a project to digitally empower older people in Brussels and is passing by the various Brussels municipalities (the Digistations).
The Digitrain runs along two tracks: the track of digital support (in groups and individually) for older people and the training track for anyone who wants to (learn to) support older people digitally (DigiTrainer).
The digital support and learning opportunities for older people are offered in the form of individual support (Digidoctor, 4 sessions), group support (Digicafé, 2 sessions), and learning and practice by topic (Digiworkshops, 6 sessions).
The Digitrain training programme (to become a digital support worker) consists of a full day of training (DigiTrainer) and shadowing during the Digitrain programme provided for older people to gain additional experience and expertise.
All the information on the Digitrain can be found on the website:
Do you want to build your digital wisdom too? Or do you want to help others with their digital questions?
Take a look at the website to see when and where the Digitrain will visit your area.
+32 (0)2 210 04 60 – (ask for Lynn)
The Digitrain was made possible thanks to the support of the Flemish government, but is also a collaboration between several partners, including the BRIC.
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