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The BRIC takes part in Digital Week 2022

23 September 2022

As part of Digital Week, which takes place from 10 to 21 October 2022 with the theme "Digital e-maturity: a matter of age?" the BRIC is offering activities to help the general public appropriate digital tools.

Digital inequalities persist in the Brussels Region. The latest King Baudouin Foundation Digital Inclusion Barometer makes the same observation.
Beyond access to digital tools and an Internet connection, it also currently involves the digital (im)maturity of citizens, which includes mastering the codes for expressing ourselves on social networks, knowing how to thwart attempts to hack our emails or messaging apps, understanding our privacy rights, the ability to perform an administrative procedure online or to differentiate between misleading and verified information. 
These themes will be discussed throughout Digital Week by university experts, continuing education stakeholders and public representatives and will be the subject of interviews, workshops and conferences.
Focus on the activities planned by the BRIC
This year, the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) is once again participating in Digital Week by coordinating the activities of several partners.
Here is the programme of activities (in French):
- On the topic of fake news:

L'Atelier du web is offering the workshop "Info/Intox: how to spot false information on the Internet" which aims to develop critical thinking skills by providing tools for reading and deciphering the media. 
Four modules are scheduled on 13/10, 14/10, 20/10 and 21/10.
The non-profit association La Scientothèque has set up an activity around information on astronomy, entitled "What if the Earth were flat and at the centre of the universe?" It will use an experimental and situational approach to help develop critical thinking skills by learning the basics of good internet research and providing the keys to identifying sources and verifying their reliability. 
Several modules are scheduled between 11/10 and 19/10 for different audiences.
The Digital Public Space of L'Entrela - Evere Cultural Centre questions the relationship between the Internet and reality through its "e-real Festival", which proposes films-debates for different age groups. Each screening is followed by a lively discussion. 
The activities will take place from 17/10 to 23/10.
- On the topic of online safety:
The "Managing my privacy on the Internet and managing my passwords" workshop proposed by L'Atelier du web aims to explain, in a very accessible way, the issues around privacy in our digital world and the solutions for preserving it. It is also an opportunity to discover ways of communicating, browsing and searching for information without systematic profiling. 
Four modules are scheduled on 12/10, 13/10, 19/10 and 20/10.
More information on these activities is available on the Digital Week website.
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