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Web accessibility for all – a smart city must

11 December 2015

The portal bears the AnySurfer label, certifying that it is accessible to those with functional deficiencies. In a smart city, websites and on-line services have to be accessible to everyone.

Yes, blind people consult the internet. So do those with other physical disabilities and, more broadly, everyone, in particular the elderly, who may find it difficult to view a screen or handle a mouse, for instance.

The smart city is for everyone!

Consequently, smart city services have to be accessible to everyone. Just as public buildings are now designed to include a slope for people with reduced mobility, for example, a series of rules facilitate access to websites, on-line services or documents in electronic format (PDF and others) for everyone.

What is the AnySurfer label?

These accessibility rules have been integrated into the design of the portal and are applied for all its developments. This is certified by the AnySurfer label displayed on all its pages. AnySurfer is a project developed by Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde (BLL), a non-profit organisation that provides services for blind and sight-impaired people in Flanders and Brussels.

A problem nevertheless?

AnySurfer assists and advises website managers who want to make their websites accessible. And that includes this portal. If, despite all this, you still have problems reading the pages of, you can tell AnySurfer about your access problem or inform us using our contact form.

Other accessibility initiatives

Of course, accessibility does not stop at the web. It also concerns the physical world. The Brussels-Capital Region and its administrations are increasing the number of initiatives in this area, following the example of the TaxiBus service that provides transport upon request for people with reduced mobility.

AnySurfer - toward an accessible internet
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