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The Brussels-Capital Region as a Smart City

A Smart City is a city or region where ICT is combined with infrastructure, architecture, everyday objects and even our bodies. The data generated by this interaction are then structured and processed to provide tools that offer a response to urban problems such as social and economic inequality, mobility issues…

The impact of Brussels Smart City on the Brussels-Capital Region

Like every major region, the Brussels-Capital Region is brimming with both possibilities and social, financial and environmental challenges. Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a lever, the region is working flat out on human, economic and environmental development.

The impact of the Smart City project goes beyond the policy on technology, digitalisation and ICT architecture.

In Brussels-Capital Region, the Smart City philosophy…

  • Makes a positive contribution to life in the city;
  • Stimulates neighbourhoods;
  • Creates opportunities for further urban development;
  • Forges links between the general public, the private sector, academic circles and public institutions.

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